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This project involves various hardware components as well as the PIC18 with Development Board.
SDSU, 2017

The aim of this project was to use an MCP7900 thermistor and a PIC18F8722 microcontroller to control the temperature of a tea-kettle.
SDSU, 2017

Concepts learned in Linear Control Systems were used to analyze a system which contains both mechanical and electrical components. Mechanical components were modeled using a Force/Torque-Velocity analogy. Block diagrams resulted from the relationships between the components and signals. Set-up has been done so the system can be simulated in Simulink with the given design parameters.

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Yocto Application Containers from SCRATCH Yesterday I wrote about Using Yocto Project for Docker FROM scratch , but I quickly realized it is hard to iterate quickly with this workflow. As I added support for python-connexion I generated a fresh container image at least 10 times. This is silly when I am only altering a few packages on the system, and so I looked to improve my workflow. Currently I run the application containers using docker-compose.


Deploying Image built from Dockerfile I provisioned my RPI 3 with resin-os downloaded from and it automatically loaded my existing application on first boot. I want to make sure the docker images are as similar as possible; so I slightly modified the dockerfile and pushed the changes to resin which will handle deploying to my devices. resin-os v2.10.1 resin/armv7hf-supervisor v6.6.3 Deploying Application Image built with Yocto Project I followed the steps outlined in my last post (Using Yocto Project for Docker FROM scratch) but used the ‘rpi3’ project which uses a different bsp layer and sets the machine for rpi3: MACHINE = "raspberrypi3".


Yocto and Docker Yocto Project is an amazing way to build a Linux System from the ground up. It uses an amazing build system that can build and install practically any application. Docker is an amazing tool for running applications. There are many parts to docker, but the one that I would like to focus on is the concept of a docker image. There are standard images created for all the major distributions and its easy to create your own.


Using Docker - No plugins required Last time I investigated using Docker inside the “master” container. It was pretty cool, but it was inconvenient when directories needed to be mounted to the containers. I intend to continue investigating the Docker plugins, but I felt like Jenkins needed some company for Valentines Day. Jenkins JNLP Slaves as Docker Containers The goal is to add a “Normal” Jenkins slave node that can connect to the master in the typical fashion.


Avoid Docker-in-Docker Using Docker-in-Docker for your CI or testing environment? Think twice. by @jpetazzo explains why the DinD approach is bad for CI, and how using an alternative approach will allow the docker container to create sibling containers rather than child containers. Modifying my Docker setup I need to install docker into in a layer on top of the standard Jenkins image. @mjuuso has already demonstrated this in getintodevops/jenkins-withdocker and there is an associated blog post (The simple way to run Docker-in-Docker for CI).



Hobby Electronics

I have a family of electronics that do my bidding.


JSON API to DB: Fetch JSON from APIs and send to a TinyDB database.

Hugo Academic Kickstart

Static Website Powered by the Academic theme for Hugo.

NGenetzky's Career

Career of Nathan Genetzky

Particle Projects

This will hold firmware for micro controllers sold by for use with wifi or cellular cloud devices.

Hardware Integrated Prototyping Environment

HIPE provides an interface between the user’s simulation environment and a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) containing a Design Under Test (DUT).

SDSU-EE465-Senior Design

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

SDSU-EE491-Independent Study

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

Animation of Material Science

QT application that demonstrates science phenomenon.

Rainbow Play Android App

Android application that allows customers to design a playground.