RPI 3 Application Container built with Yocto

Deploying Image built from Dockerfile

I provisioned my RPI 3 with resin-os downloaded from resin.io and it automatically loaded my existing application on first boot. I want to make sure the docker images are as similar as possible; so I slightly modified the dockerfile and pushed the changes to resin which will handle deploying to my devices.

  • resin-os v2.10.1
  • resin/armv7hf-supervisor v6.6.3

Deploying Application Image built with Yocto Project

I followed the steps outlined in my last post (Using Yocto Project for Docker FROM scratch) but used the ‘rpi3’ project which uses a different bsp layer and sets the machine for rpi3: MACHINE = "raspberrypi3". Here are the resulting images.

└─> docker images
REPOSITORY                                       TAG                 IMAGE ID            CREATED             SIZE
ngenetzky/simple-server-python-raspberrypi3      v2                  37a20312c6a9        3 minutes ago       74.9MB
ngenetzky/core-image-full-cmdline-raspberrypi3   v2                  7c880495683a        7 minutes ago       74.9MB

Then I deployed the image using resin-cli: resin deploy rpi3app1 ngenetzky/simple-server-python-raspberrypi3:v2 The process was much faster than I had expected.

Nathan Genetzky
Software Engineer


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