Particle With Travis CI


I just created a number of github repositories for particle. Much of the code was transferred from my existing code base at particle-projects. The primary goal of these projects was not to demonstrate my capability as a C++ programmer, but actually to demonstrate a good example for an open source particle project or library.

As such I have a few goals:

  1. Offline builds (Thanks to po)
  2. Continuous Intgration (Thanks to travis-ci)
  3. Modern C++


I created particle-project-base to serve as a solid foundation for my future projects and libraries. This repository should only contain the structure and the infrastructure of a good project but not real code.

I then forked this project to create a project and a library repository.

The reason I forked the project is because it allows improvements to easily be shared between the projects with the history maintained. On the other hand, because they are separate projects:

  1. They can be more easily digested by new users.
  2. They can be independently verified.
  3. Any use of code from other libraries must be explicit.
Nathan Genetzky
Software Engineer


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