Show and Tell Linux on the Desktop

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Show & Tell Linux on the Desktop

  • Hosted by Spencer Krum
  • From Minnesota Linux Desktop User Group

Our first meetup in a while! 2019 Year of Linux on the Desktop!

We’ll do show-and-tell style ‘what can you do with Linux’ as well as tips and tricks for Linux on the Desktop. I’m working on locking in a more formal presentation but haven’t confirmed it yet!

Event Notes

Linux Tools

  • Xtralock - Lock screen from input. [1] [manpage]

  • Yakuake - drop-down terminal emulator. [1] [github]

  • fwupd - daemon allows session software to update device firmware on the local machine. [website] [github]

  • GNU Recutils - GNU Recutils is a set of tools and libraries to access human-editable, plain text databases called recfiles. [website] [video]

  • termux - Terminal emulator and Linux environment for Android. [1] [website] [play store] [github] [wiki]

  • screen - full-screen window manager that multiplexes a physical terminal between several processes (typically interactive shells). [man] [gnu]

  • Zsh - extended Bourne shell with a large number of improvements, including some features of Bash, ksh, and tcsh. [website] [wiki] [Oh-My-Zsh]

  • fc - process the command history list. [1] [man] [wiki]

  • git-sh-prompt - bash/zsh git prompt support [github]

  • ShellCheck - open source static anaylsis tool that automatically finds bugs in your shell scripts. [website] [github]

Linux Tricks

We talked about a number of tricks, but not all were recorded

# Disable shell history from being saved

# Problem 1: Remove execute capability from file which removes most obvious way
# to change execute bit on file.
sudo chmod -x "$(which chmod)"

# Solution 1: Use 'install' to set mode properties
sudo install -m 755 -T '/bin/chmod' '/tmp/chmod'
sudo /tmp/chmod +x '/bin/chmod'

Zsh features

  • interactive multiline history
  • RPrompt - prompt on right hand side
  • Live colorization - actively updates text colors based on text patterns
  • zmodlod - loads plugins
Nathan Genetzky
Software Engineer


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