Particle PO CI

Container / Virtualization gitlab-ci uses a docker container. # use the official gcc image, based on debian # can use verions as well, like gcc:5.2 # see https://hub.docker.com/_/gcc/ image: gcc Travis CI on the other hand uses “sudo enabled, full virtual machine per build”. dist: trusty sudo: required language: generic Install / Bootstrap Before doing the build we need to set up the build environment. While this isn’t that difficult to do from scratch there is an existing project, po-util, that will do the job.

Particle With Travis CI

Goal I just created a number of github repositories for particle. Much of the code was transferred from my existing code base at particle-projects. The primary goal of these projects was not to demonstrate my capability as a C++ programmer, but actually to demonstrate a good example for an open source particle project or library. As such I have a few goals: Offline builds (Thanks to po) Continuous Intgration (Thanks to travis-ci) Modern C++ Approach I created particle-project-base to serve as a solid foundation for my future projects and libraries.

Interactive User Interface with PIC18 Microcontroller

This project involves various hardware components as well as the PIC18 with Development Board. The ability for the PIC to obtain virtually simultaneous readings of multiple analog signals was used to determine the position of a joystick. The Liquid …

SDSU EE347 Microcontrollers

Animation of Material Science

QT application that demonstrates science phenomenon.

Arduino Control LEDs over Bluetooth

Leo, a Arduino Leonardo, is controlling LEDs based on commands from my phone via serial over bluetooth.

Arduino Serial Over Bluetooth

Leo, a Arduino Leonardo, is communicating to my phone via serial over bluetooth.

Arduino -> Shift Reg -> Seven Segment Display

Leo, a Arduino Leonardo, is connected to a Seven Segement Display through a Shift Register.