Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

Design and Verification of a SPI to JTAG Interface Adapter

Goal and Motivation: Almost all hardware devices have JTAG connections which can provide data from registers or provide low level control of pins via a boundary scan chain. Unfortunately, most microcontrollers do not have libraries or drivers for communicating using the JTAG protocol. The goal of this project is to provide a way to allow users to use existing libraries to access data that is typically accessed via JTAG protocol.

SDSU-EE492-Advanced Digital Hardware Design

Hardware Integrated Prototyping Environment

HIPE provides an interface between the user’s simulation environment and a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) containing a Design Under Test (DUT).

Interactive User Interface with PIC18 Microcontroller

SDSU-EE465-Senior Design

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

SDSU-EE491-Independent Study

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

The Tea Kettle Temperature Control Project

SDSU-EE315-Linear Control Systems

Twilight Zone Tower of Terror II

Part 1 Introduction Concepts learned in Linear Control Systems were used to analyze a system which contains both mechanical and electrical components. Mechanical components were modeled using a Force/Torque-Velocity analogy. Block diagrams resulted from the relationships between the components and signals. Set-up has been done so the system can be simulated in Simulink with the given design parameters. Part 3 Objective Starting from where part two of the project left off, functional simulations of the ideal system, now real world constraints and desired specifications must be applied.