Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

Electrical Engineers use various electronic devices to measure signals and control systems. These individual devices can accomplish many things, but with a communication system in place they can work together to accomplish even greater tasks. A …

SDSU-EE491-Independent Study

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

Rainbow Play Android App

Android application that allows customers to design a playground.

CTS AG Museum Recorder

Purpose: People visiting the AG Museum can record stories from their past. Connected a microphone and GPIO buttons to an older Macintosh computer. One button will start a recording, and the second switch will stop the recording and save a timestamped file.

2013 SDSU Research Assistant

Role: Research Assistant for Dr. Fan Dates Employed: Mar 2013 - May 2016 Employment Duration: 3 yrs 3 mos Location: Brookings, SD Worked within the EECS department. Company Phone: 605-688-4526 Supervisor: Dr. Fan Reason for Leaving: Starting a new job, higher paying job, at Daktronics. I am building a vacuum sputtering system within a ISO 3 clean-room. I am working independently without supervision; I keep Dr. Fan informed of my progress.