RPI with Resin

Getting Started With Raspberry Pi 3 and Python Getting Started With Raspberry Pi 3 and Python NGenetzky/simple-server-python Following their guide is very easy. I was really impressed by the feedback when using git push. It shows the log messages for building the image on the build server. └─> git push rpi3app1 master Counting objects: 62, done. Delta compression using up to 8 threads. Compressing objects: 100% (32/32), done.

Swagger Server implemented with python flask on RPI

More complicationed application Earlier today I deployed a application to my rpi3 that started from an example project provided by, but now I would like to explore converting an existing application that is a little more complex. Swagger Petstore This is a sample Petstore server. You can find out more about Swagger at or on, #swagger. Swagger Codegen from OpenAPI OpenAPI-Specification NGenetzky/ngenetzky-petstore swaggerhub/ngenetzky-petstore I revisted an old project that explored the capability to generate code from a config file describing an API.


JSON API to DB: Fetch JSON from APIs and send to a TinyDB database.

My Doorman, Docker Doug

I recently added a new member to my team. Doug is a Raspberry Pi that lives near my router. Unfortunately Doug will not quite open my door for me (yet) but he will notify me when my door opens or my door closes. The entire process is very flexible, but is a team effort. How does Doug do it? Doug uses a reed switch to detect if the door is open or closed.