VS Code NRF Development

Objective This post is discussing a workflow for developing C applications for Nordic microcontrollers using VS Code. It will focus on a setup for a team that utilizes Clang Format, Nordic SDK, and git (with Gitlab). Please note that one particular configuration will be suggested, but the hope is to document it in such a way that it is clear how it can be customized, not to suggest to the optimum configuration.

Dojo Five

Dojo Five is a group of embedded developers from Minneapolis led by Joe Schneider. Website LinkedIn Dojo Five was founded on the idea that happy engineers create the best products. We constantly iterate our embedded best practices through which we bring exciting ideas to life.

Design and Verification of a SPI to JTAG Interface Adapter

Goal and Motivation: Almost all hardware devices have JTAG connections which can provide data from registers or provide low level control of pins via a boundary scan chain. Unfortunately, most microcontrollers do not have libraries or drivers for communicating using the JTAG protocol. The goal of this project is to provide a way to allow users to use existing libraries to access data that is typically accessed via JTAG protocol.

SDSU-EE492-Advanced Digital Hardware Design

Interactive User Interface with PIC18 Microcontroller

This project involves various hardware components as well as the PIC18 with Development Board. The ability for the PIC to obtain virtually simultaneous readings of multiple analog signals was used to determine the position of a joystick. The Liquid …

SDSU EE347 Microcontrollers

The Tea Kettle Temperature Control Project

The aim of this project was to use an MCP7900 thermistor and a PIC18F8722 microcontroller to control the temperature of a tea-kettle using a “bang-bang” approach. What this means is that if the kettle went over a desired temperature the system will …