Hobby Electronics

I have a family of electronics that do my bidding.

Particle Projects

This will hold firmware for micro controllers sold by for use with wifi or cellular cloud devices.

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

Electrical Engineers use various electronic devices to measure signals and control systems. These individual devices can accomplish many things, but with a communication system in place they can work together to accomplish even greater tasks. A …

SDSU-EE491-Independent Study

Communication Protocols for Embedded Systems

SDSU EE491 Adv Microcontroller Communication

My Doorman, Docker Doug

I recently added a new member to my team. Doug is a Raspberry Pi that lives near my router. Unfortunately Doug will not quite open my door for me (yet) but he will notify me when my door opens or my door closes. The entire process is very flexible, but is a team effort. How does Doug do it? Doug uses a reed switch to detect if the door is open or closed.