2014 SDSU Undergrad Research

Biochar from Chicken Feather Composition of the Biochar Slurry on the Electrode Here are the elements that were mixed to make a biochar slurry that could be spread across a nickle current collector. For most of my profile browsers the details are extraneous; however, each component was thoroughly explained in my research report. Vacuum Plasma System Biochar in Plasma Measure Plasma Conposition Coin Cell from Chicken Feather Biochar Nathan Working in Lab

2013 SDSU Research Assistant

Role: Research Assistant for Dr. Fan Dates Employed: Mar 2013 - May 2016 Employment Duration: 3 yrs 3 mos Location: Brookings, SD Worked within the EECS department. Company Phone: 605-688-4526 Supervisor: Dr. Fan Reason for Leaving: Starting a new job, higher paying job, at Daktronics. I am building a vacuum sputtering system within a ISO 3 clean-room. I am working independently without supervision; I keep Dr. Fan informed of my progress.